Monday, September 21, 2009

Pluggin' Along

So school has been going well. We have been doing evolutions Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also we have had two tests in Fire 101. So far I have scored a 100% and a 96%. The second one might change to 100% because one of the questions we had said one thing while the book said another. So we will see. Either way I'm doing well. We had a contest today for our 1 minute and 2 minute PPE/SCBA drills today. I didn't win the PPE 1 minute drill, but managed to don (put-on) the gear in 43 seconds. I got third place in the SCBA 2 minute drill with a time if 1 minute 43 seconds. It would have been faster but people kept talking to me and tugging on my gear. So that was a bit distracting. But for my hard earned efforts I won five dollars. Over the past few weeks I have been making some friends in my department (classmates). I mean I don't see them outside of school but I have a few I hang/talk to during class.

So classes are going well. I talked to one of the instructors of Fire 101 to see if I could get on a volunteer crew. I told him that I am EMT-B certified and that my state license was on its way. He said that was good because the company was very selective about who they hired on. So I have an in. Other than that, not much is going on. We are going to be down at the smoke house on Wednesday to try out Offensive Fire Tactics and what not. Then friday we are going Butte to do the smoke/fire maze and feel what a house fire feels like. I'm pretty excited about that. Then this weekend I will probably stay here and start on my second Costumer Service (Fire 120) Project. That seems fun, we are to make S.O.P.'s for the fake fire department we made in the first project.

Other than that not much is going on. Spent the weekend in Bozeman. I went to get new tires for my bravada but turns out the size of tire for my car is rare and that makes them more expensive. But now that I have them, they make my car look beastly. Speaking of my car, I have decided to name it after the late Patrick Swayze being that he was a movie bad ass. My car which had been nameless for 10 months will now be called.... (pause for dramatic effect) The Dirty Dancer. It just sounds epic.

So yeah, school is school. Life is life. I'm plugging down the 91 more days until I go to Japan!!!!!!!! I can't wait. New culture, warm place during Christmas, seeing my lady. It's going to be good. But stay tuned until next time for another dramatic episode of Smoke Before Fire.

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