Sunday, February 21, 2010

Refreshers and Fire Positions

So I'm tired. This is the third weekend I have had of schooling. But that's what happens I guess. This weekend at my job I had my 24 hour EMT refresher course. We went over a lot and covered a lot. The first night was pretty rocky because my boss was distracted but we learned how to spike bags, and intubate patients. So the ALS assist class turned into an ALS class. I still don't have that endorsement. Speaking of which I'm learning my monitoring endorsement. That consists of being able to use an oximeter which measures SpO2% or hemoglobin saturation. Only problem is that it doesn't distinguish what's saturating the blood. This means Carbon monoxide could throw off the readings. We will also be proficient in blood glucose readings and 3-lead heart monitor reading. Haven't done much reading into those yet but when I do I should be able to elaborate more.

Patient run wise this past week has been kind of intense. Apparently I get all the psyche patients. I can't have my trauma shears, pocket knife, forceps or anything in with me. However my partner decided to let one guy have his metal cane with him. I thought to myself, oh good, if he wanted to he could just beat me to death with that thing. I have to do patient care because girls aren't allowed to be with guy psyche patients. I had two of them. Then I had to do a Billings/Helena rendezvous in Bozeman. That wasn't bad.  A lot of driving. Other than that there isn't much going on, I have my EMT outfit and I will post one of those pictures here soon.

School is plugging along. Quizzes and doing fire/haz-mat scenarios with matchbox cars. That is pretty fun. I miss playing with toy cars sometimes. We checked the lighting systems and electrical systems on the fire truck and added brand new oil.

So last Tuesday I submitted my application to join the Montana City Volunteer Fire Department. The president of the meetings told me that no matter how much he tried he couldn't make them say no and I am now a volunteer firefighter. Last time I joined a department I had no idea what was to be expected of me and it ended shortly. But with more training, being in better shape and what not I am more prepared for what is to come. So yeah. I am a volunteer firefighter now. They have an average amount of calls and train a lot. So with the emt job and this my resume will be a little less empty and show more experience to back up the training I've received. Speaking of training I am now a fully certified Wildland firefighter II. I mean basically I can dig on a hand crew but it's another certification!

Other than that, not much is going on fire wise. It's snowy as heck and there haven't been a lot of fires. Stay tuned for more exciting events as they unfold!

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