Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review, Resolutions, The Suicide and A Look Ahead

Well howdy gang, it has been entirely too long since I have updated Smoke Before Fire. No I haven't abandoned the blog, I have just been entirely too busy. So let's kick it off, my last post of 2010.


So after living here for a year come August I came up with the amazing revelation that in such a short time I had built a complete life here. Friends, a worthwhile job that I enjoyed and finishing my schooling combined into a nice place to live and thrive. Throw into that equation the fact that my sweetie came back from Japan and we "took the next step" and moved in together it comes as a complete package. As I stated before, an amazing revelation.

A Year in Review

This year has been busy. I've come into my own as an EMT-Basic and have seen some incidents that I still think about. I have even pushed myself further in becoming an ALS provider by getting my endorsements. I admit I am still intimidated by the fact that I can do these procedures but I am slowly becoming comfortable with them.  I have joined a volunteer fire department that I am proud to be apart of. We don't run a lot of calls, roughly 60 a year, but they take firefighting seriously and I am amazed at the amount of experience they bring to the table. All of this as helped push me further into the EMS field and I am thankful for every day I am apart of it.


As the year is coming to an end it's time for New Year's Resolutions... The promises we make to ourselves that seem to fizzle out and something we seem to start to dread every year we make them. Am I going to make a New Years resolution? Yes and no. I am going to work out more, I am going to love more, I am going to enjoy life more, not because I feel that I am obligated to make such resolutions, but more because that's how I want to live my life. So no in the aspect that it isn't a resolution and more of a daily choice. Lame sounding I know, but very true.

My Third Semester

Well I am 75% of the way done with school. This semester didn't end in the 4.0 I had expected but in a 3.5 bringing my accumulative GPA to a 3.8. Everyone chalks it up to my sweetie being back but I chalk it up to being busy. A 3.8 isn't bad in my eyes. So I'll accept it. This semester was a lot more book learning and a lot less hands on which made the semester drag on but I made it through.

The Suicide

About two months ago I wrote about that call. The one that haunts us and at the end of the post I wrote about how I would see more calls that would stick with me. Well about three weeks ago my medic buddy and I were working when we were paged out for an apparent suicide. We got there and came into see a person who had used a gun to commit suicide. Once we saw the gun we backed out and waited for law enforcement.  I'm not going to go into details anymore other than I helped officers with their investigation and then helped transport the person to the morgue in Boulder. The person's kid found them and that is where it hit me. But thanks to my friends and family for being supportive of seeing something so shocking. My heartfelt condolences go out to the family in their loss.

A Look Ahead

So after a busy year I look forward to my final semester in Helena, my final few months here and a new start in Billings with my lady. I look forward to the internship with the local Fire Department and I look forward to a few pleasant surprises and whatever life plans to throw at me. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hopes that you all get to spend it with the people that make you happiest. Thanks for reading in 2010 and I look forward to seeing you for another edition of Smoke Before Fire in 2011.

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