Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ladders, Chainsaws and Credentials, Oh My!

Wednesday we started going over Roof Ventilation and how to do it. We went over various ways of doing roof venting. Then we whipped out the chainsaw and pike poles and went over how to use these tools. Afterwards we went out into the engine bay and "practiced" how to sound a roof then cut the roof.

Friday we went out to the smoke house and practiced what we had learned on Wednesday. We only had 5 boards so only 5 people got to cut. That's okay though because the rest of us will get to cut on Monday. In this post are a few pictures of us without air. One of me on the ladder sounding, and one of us practicing group integrity.

We all got credentialed to get on and off the airport because that is where our training facility is. It's not exciting i don't get my own badge and card to open the gate, but it does mean that I am not considered a terrorist. That's pretty sweet. I do however at some point have to get my student ID turned into a name card. Meaning I have to wear it. But oh well.

Other than that nothing else exciting is going on. So stay tuned until next time!

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