Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthdays, School and the End of Summer

So this past Sunday was my birthday. I turned 24. Not the most exciting of birthdays as say, 21 but thanks to my friends it was still a good time. We went to Old Chicago in Bozeman and had food then the waitress said that if I wanted to I could have a birthday shot on the bar. I thought this at first meant that the shot would be free, so I accepted. Turns out that when they meant on the bar, you had to be on top of the bar in front of everyone. I had to do the shot with some random Old Chicago worker because our waitress wore a skirt and didn't want to get up on the bar.

What happens after that folks (thanks to the reenactment of the dinner party) could be taken out of a Whitesnake Video. Shawn, was the guys name that I did the shot with, he asked me if I had ever done my shot of choice before. An
Irish car bomb, I know my way around them. But he went on to explain a little on how to do them. Afterwards everyone sang happy birthday to me in the restaurant then it happened. It was epic, a purple fog machine was in the background, I was surrounded by unicorns, and naked babes on 1950's muscle cars. The smoke from the fog machine hit the ceiling and condensed and became purple rain. I had my shot down in about a second and a half. Defeated Shawn the Old Chicago worker left defeated. After about an hour of a pyrotechnics show I came out victorious. I got on the magical unicorn and went off into the sunset.

Okay so it really didn't happen that way, I downed the shot in a second and a half, beat Shawn, people cheered. I went back to my table and got my stuff and left. As you can see, the other way sounds more epic, so we'll stick with that story.
After that we went to a buddy of mine's house and played beer pong and sat around a fire. I got a homemade clock, gift card for Subway and a pretty sweet laptop case/cooler (got this in June but it was a birthday present). I almost for got though probably the most awesome present of the actual birthday, a beer mug with a bike bell attached. In fact, here it is in all it's glory. After that I passed out because I had to get up early on my actual birthday to help a friend move to a town three hours away. That went well, however I hate driving u-hauls.

Fire and Rescue starts a week from today on September 1st. I went in today to see where my school refund check was but they said it was mailed yesterday so I should get today or tomorrow. Hopefully that is, because I need to get my books. I'm getting excited for it, mostly because I don't enjoy sitting on my ass and doing not much of anything. But I'm fully moved in and I am starting to go out to explore Helena. It's crazy so much wildlife around. I have a squirrel that just chills outside my bedroom window, I have named him nutsie and if it weren't for the fact that I would probably get rabies I would go pet him. Also it's crazy, the deer here just hang out and graze. They don't spook as easy as other deer. I may try to ride one.

Anyway, as the summer is winding down I'm kind of sad. It's been a good summer except for the fact that it rained for a good percentage of it, but there are less fires to contend with which makes it nice. I plan on just doing my workouts until school starts then and keeping in shape. Maybe do all the stuff I never got around to doing. Stay tuned.

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  1. glad you had a good birthday. sounds like a great time! i'd've fallen for the "shot on the bar" trick by old chicago too.