Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Few Hiccups

Alrighty, well here we go, round two. It's been an interesting week so far. First I sent my girlfriend off to Japan for a year and I hope nothing but the best for her. Second, she's not even gone for four hours and I'm almost arrested.

Here is how it went down. I was out for a walk listening to my ipod and this cop drives by. I cross the street towards the apartment im staying at and the same cop parks his car behind me flashing his lights blocking the entrance way towards the apartment so cars cant get in and out. Here is the dialog from my best recollection of how it went down.

Officer: Hi I am officer so and so (forgot his name) and you look like a suspect we're looking for.

Me: Huh, well I don't think I'm the guy you're looking for but I'll do what I can to help.

Officer: Can I see your license please, you don't have a criminal record do you.

Me: No officer, not that I am aware of. So what happened?

Officer: We'll get to that in a second. Where were you friday night?

Me: Um, okay. well sir i was over at my girlfriend's cousin's house for a family dinner.

Officer: Well we're looking for a guy that approached a Dominos employee and tried to steal his car.

Me: Well i assure you it wasn't me officer I haven't been in a Dominos in years.

Officer: You didn't have to be it happened in the parking lot.

Me: You mean the suspect and not me right.

Officer: I'm still on the fence like that, do you mind if i take some photos?

Me: Um, sure I guess.

*this is the point where he made me stand profile views, and front, walk towards him, he then flashed his flash light on my shoes and my pants, give him the place that I am living and give him two alibis as to where I was friday evening*

Officer: Alright sir, I'll just make sure these alibis stand up. I'm sorry for the inconvienence I just have to eliminate everyone.

Me: Well I thought it was my boyish good looks.

Officer: It's definitely something, have a good night.

After that I continued walking into my apartment all shocked like. I so far have not heard anything back. I saw the police blotter thanks to my friend Ali and here is the description of what happened.

* On West Mendenhall Street at 3 a.m., a pizza restaurant employee said they were approached by an assailant who demanded the employee’s car. The suspect told the employee that he had a handgun and might use it. The employee got away and flagged down a police officer. The man remains at large and the investigation is continuing.

So yeah the guy threatened to use a handgun. I don't like guns. In fact I loathe guns. So that was that hiccup.

*This just in, a picture of the guy is there, I look nothing like this.*

So unless I am picnocio and have bad hair like that one corrupt illinois governor I think I'm the wrong guy.

Other than that, I am just gearing up for some moving here in 4 days. My little sister is going to come with me. Pictures will be soon to follow. I recently received my nomex pants so my legs will be fire free, and people can't call me liar liar pants on fire.

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for some more zany excitement.

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