Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

So the move to Helena was uneventful at best. My buddy Jake helped me move. Itwas an early day. I had to pick up the u-haul trailer around 8 am. Took about an hour an a half to to load the trailer. 3 cups of coffee later I had to pee like every fifteen seconds. On top of this I was wired beyond belief. We dealt with a lot of Washington folks driving like morons. I know, I know that is a generalization but one that hit the mark usually. We got up to Helena and it overcast with a hint of sun and then we unpacked everything. Took about an hour. We spent the night unpacking and hanging out and then drove over to Bozeman Sunday to drop off my U-haul. I drove back after that.
I was kind of sad to realize that I missed everybody back home, and was hating being alone, but I've since then got over it. I've been spending my time getting everything situated and unpacked. I discovered my new roommate keith's awesome tv, and the x-box 360 has never looked so beautiful.
I spent most of today driving around seeing the sights, the capital, Carroll College, etc. I got really lost but I somehow managed to make it back to my house. Anyway, dinner time, off to cause trouble. :D

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  1. nice blog buddy. glad to see you're settling in well. you on three cups of coffee i've gotta see! haha!