Friday, November 6, 2009

Next Year...

So today we spent most of the day running scenarios. I got to drag two heavy people in a first floor search. It sucked because we didn't have enough air for everyone so we had to pretend to be on air. But we did do well in rolling up on scene and going through the motions. I didn't do too bad at toolman either. Pounding and sounding are pretty easy. After that english went quick. I talked with my english teacher who thinks we are long lost relatives because we have the same last name. She and I discussed the proposal I have to write for my final paper. I asked her to critique it really hard as I am going to use it for a presentation to the City of Helena so I want it to be done really well.

Yesterday I forgot to write that I registered for classes for next semester. I wasn't supposed to be able to until next week because I am a first year student but being that I have credit for my EMT class I am considered a non first year student or something. The classes I registered are as follows:

  • Wildland Fire Fighting
  • Personal Physical Fitness II
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Electronic Communications
  • Emergency Equipment Maintenance
  • Fire Apparatus Operation
  • Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategies
  • Basic MS Office
So yeah, 19 credits worth but some of the classes are broken down into half semesters or quarters. I have 3 classes at 7:00am and one class from 8:00am - 4:50pm on Saturdays. Yeah it sucks that I don't get a Saturday to relax but I get to learn how to drive a fire truck and besides I spent a few years fooling around in Bozeman so I don't mind buckling down for these two years. Anyway my roommate is full of the H1N1 so I am bunkering down in my room and I am going to take a nap to battle that and prepare for work tonight, so stay tuned until next time!

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  1. kudos for asking your teacher to critique your paper extra hard. how come you will be presenting it to the city of helena? i think it's great to buckle down for a few years, it'll go by fast. and the harder you work now the more you'll be able to relax/enjoy what's ahead.