Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ropes Course and EMT Evals...

Today was pretty good. I took a test. I did not get the grade back for it, but I'm pretty sure I received a 100% on it. I got flak for being the fastest test taker again. But that is okay. Afterwards we went to Memorial Park for an obstacle and ropes course. Below will be a few pictures of me plugging along through it with my partner. It was good, we had to crawl through tight areas and keep in constant contact with our partner. We got turned around a few times, it was disorienting not being able to see, I almost got stuck in the tire swing. Afterwards I participated in EMT scenarios. Everyone did well, but we were outside and it was freezing. I got backboarded and c-collared 5 times. It was a hoot. After that I participated in a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) as a fubar'd patient. It was a car crash, I didn't wear my seat belt. Always wear your seat belt. Anyway it was good, got backboarded and stuff again. After that I came home and thawed out. Other than that, there is nothing too exciting going on. I have one more day of classes then it's time for turkey! Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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