Friday, January 22, 2010

The First Week Back... School Thus Far... New Job Prospects

So it has been a week since I arrived stateside. I had a hard time the first few days I was back adjusting back to a normal sleep schedule. When I first got back I slept for three hours, was awake for four then passed out for another four hours. This happened for most of the week. One day I took three naps. But enough about my sleeping. When I got back it was warm. Relatively, that is. It was 40 degrees. It was nice because it let me get used to being cold again after weeks of 60+ degrees. Now it's snowing and we have a Winter Storm Warning through Sunday. 

School started off with a bang. Okay not really. It started on Tuesday at 7:00am with Emergency Apparatus Maintenance. Basically I get to be a diesel mechanic for six weeks. It's kind of cool though, because we get to go through the whole fire truck and fix it. After that we had Electronic Communications. We spent the first two classes learning the International Phonetic Alphabet. To learn it we got to do a word find. Yes, I am in college and yes, I did a word find. I finished my school day with Basic Microsoft Office. I learned about what a computer is which is good too because I was on the fence about it. Wednesday we had PT and Hazmat. I found out I will be certified in the operations level of hazmat. Preventative stuff for the most part. I'll write more on each as I get further into the classes because so far we've just touched on syllabi. 

So Thursday I applied for an EMT-B job in Montana City which is 5 minutes south of Helena. The company is Eagle Ambulance. They do contract stuff with the V.A. Medical Center in Fort Harrison and St. Peter's Hospital. They also do a lot of transport stuff with nursing homes too. They also do 911 calls for parts of Helena. So yeah just a background. I filled out my application and talked to one of the main guys in charge. I got a phone call today saying that I start Monday. It will be sweet. I get to practice my Basic skills and will learn my endorsements that will put me to the equivalent of an EMT-I-85. I'll be able to start IVs and so on. I start that job on Monday. 

Other than that it has been a busy week of trying to get back to normal. I find myself missing Japan more than I thought I would. But thats par for the course. Stay tuned for my first day as a paid EMT! 

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