Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Peace Prayer Park and Storming More Castles

Saturday and Sunday we spent a lot of time hitting up some historical sites. Saturday we went to the Peace Prayer Park. It is the memorial site for those who died in the Battle of Okinawa. 240,000 was the last count. They had a fountain that had a torch in the middle of it that represented Okinawa. They also have marble stones with the names of everyone who died there.Then they had a bunch of monuments. That night we went to Thai in the Sky, I know, I know, we've eaten at a lot of restaurants in the sky. They've both had killer views though. The Indonesian Beef Curry, was a level three spice factor. It was angry. It tasted so good but it was so hot. Maddie decided that she was going to have green curry. It had a rating of seven peppers. Blistering can't describe how angry it was. After we ate, we went home and relaxed a bit.

Sunday we hit up two different castle ruins. Unlike the last castle that was restored and all fancy looking, these were more stones and ruins. They were neat. The first castle, Katsuren Castle, was used up until 1458 when it was destroyed because Amawari, the aji (castle lord) decided he was going to attack the main castle and usurp the throne. This however did not work and lead to the destruction of Katsuren. It was neat to see. They  mostly had just stairs and walls but knowing the history and knowing that it happened right under my feet was kind of daunting. The top of the castle had a good 360 degree view which afforded good views all the way around.

The second castle we went to was the castle that Amawari successfully captured in his campaign to take over Okinawa. This one had more archways and ruins to it meaning that it was more intact. We walked through and it had some amazing views.One of the walls had a gecko in it that Maddie had her head about an inch away from. I wasn't there at that point but she said she screamed.  This castle had a view of the "haunted hotel/resort" behind it. Apparently japanese workers started randomly dying when making this hotel and being a very superstitious lot they stopped working on it. A mainland Japan company decided to take over and finish it, but they started randomly dying to, so it never was finished. It looked abandoned and erie so we left it alone. That was about it for that day. It had been an exhausting weekend so we took it easy for that evening.

Other than that Maddie and I have been just hanging out and spending time with each other before I leave back to the States. Apparently traveling in the states is going to be a lot more fun thanks to random terrorists and government lack of efficiency. No this is not me showing my political standpoint, just stating what happened. Maddie and I hit up the American Village yesterday and I will write on that here in a little bit. So stay tuned.

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