Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Looks, Markets and Island Touring

So it's 2010. A time for bringing in the new. As you can see Smoke Before Fire has had some plastic surgery. I was looking at my posts the other day and I realized that I kind of had a lot going on the site. So I decided to de-clutter it a little bit. Here when I get stateside I'll finish up the site I have with my information. Anywho, these past four days have been rather busy. I don't think we stopped going all weekend. But that is alright, it was my last weekend here in Okinawa.

Friday we decided to visit the Awase Fish Market and the Vegetable Market. The fish market was kind of cool because it had a lot of fresh fish, but I've been told that they usually have a lot more. There were squid and octopus tentacles. They even had giant prawn to buy. We bought fresh tuna and had tuna steaks that night. I even witnessed trail mix with dried fish in it. Afterwards we drove on over to the Vegetable Market. There were a bunch of older folk there getting stuff. When the men wanted something, they clapped at the people who worked there. They would also stuff as many bean sprouts into a bag as possible. They did so because it was a set price per bag.

Later that day we went on a tour of some islands west of Okinawa. They were neat. We tried to find a castle there but it turned out there was just a monument where it used to be. After that we ended up going to this really nice beach that had giant shells on it. I'll take a picture of those and post them here this week. But yeah, it was a nice time to just walk along the beach and search for shells.

Next time I'll write on hitting up the Peace Prayer Park in the day time and the castle storming we did yesterday. So stay tuned!

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